Where Yandex buys cards?

The company “Skanes,” which delivers the satellite to the substrate “Yandex.Maps”, has signed a contract worth several million U.S. company GeoEye, which will allow for the delivery of images of land of 50 million km ². According to the Russian company, domestic satellites are not able to execute the order of this size. The very same amount of the contract were not disclosed by the parties, except that it is a few million.

The company “Skanes” engaged in the development of systems for receiving and processing space information, is responsible for mapping services. Its clients include Mail.ru and Yandex.

Contract between the GeoEye with a “Scanex”, according to some analysts, is one of the largest: the amount of cartographic information of 50 million km ², which is 1 / 3 of the Earth. Previous contract between the companies was intended to supply images at 2 million km ² of the earth’s surface.

According to Vladimir Gershenzon, Director General, “Skanes’ pictures will be used in many areas: the construction of roads and oil and gas infrastructure, disaster management. Hope everything else Pupysheva representative “Skanes,” added the current needs of departmental and specialty geoservices.

Purchase data may any user. For this purpose has several options: from local supplies to subscribe. On the very same by Yandex company intends to cooperate to “routinely”, and will be used for problems of data obtained from the satellite IKONOS.

To date, Yandex, in comparison with Google Maps. Mail.ru, which purchase images from the suppliers’ Geocenter Consulting “and Collins Bartholomew, much inferior to them in detail. Gershenson says, in recent times there is great demand for highly detailed images, and this increases the speed and receiving them.

Yandex maps cover the entire surface of the Earth, the only question in the scale. Speaking of the most detailed images, their resolution is in the range from 0.8 to 0.5 meters per pixel, which, in turn, is 230 thousand square meters. m. In the interview, CNews, Tatiana Komarova said that Yandex is constantly expanding the coverage maps.

The company “Skanes” cooperates with other companies that carry out service delivery sensing data. According to the director, the Russian space vehicles are not able to deliver images with the same quality. At the moment, Russia has three satellites, remote sensing and the only one capable of providing imagery with a resolution of 1 to 3 pm

Even if you do not focus on the quality of images, the findings apply primarily to state institutions and authorized organizations. Thus, the results obtained from satellite state, can not meet the demand for detailed pictures. It is worth saying that the state itself is planning to launch additional remote sensing satellites

24 July 2011

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