Chelyabinsk authorities commented on the government orders Internet censorship

“The environmental” horror stories “associated with the Chelyabinsk region, invested a lot of money, including the materials and the Internet. They invested our competitors” Mayak “, the foreign companies. The problems with the environment, which is in the Chelyabinsk region, inflated to recognition. There has long been environmental activists of the radical wing, receiving a salary from the stakeholders. Their work prevents the Chelyabinsk region to develop, attract investors. Big money is invested enterprises now and the budget in the real work of improving the ecological situation in the region. Chelyabinsk and Karabash been officially removed from the list most polluted cities in the world, and not deleted by the local authorities “, - commented the Governor’s press secretary Svetlana Doronin.

According to her, work is ongoing to advance the field. 360 000 rubles - this is the real price for services related to the citation in the search query. It is derived on the basis of price monitoring, spokeswoman of the regional head.

According to the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources ruled Chelyabinsk and Karabash from the list of the dirtiest cities in Russia, as outlined in the report of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, “On the state and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation in 2009.”

22 July 2011

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