“MegaFon” to blame for “uncovered” SMS to “Yandex”

In “Yandex” continue to insist that the closed pages indexed search engine can not. Management of the companyMegaphone” disagreed with the position of “Yandex” on the question of who should bear responsibility for the fact that thousands of SMS, sent from the site operator could read the curious Internet users.
NTV recalls the morning of Monday more than 8000 SMS messages sent from the site operator customers, “Megaphone”, with address numbers were available for reading through the “Yandex”. Initially, the situation is treated quite clear: in the leak fault “Megaphone”, whose employees have not closed a section with text messages from being indexed by using a robots.txt.
“Megaphone” believes “Yandex” involved in the appearance on Monday, July 18, in the open access SMS-messages sent from the site of the cellular operator and the number of users. On Tuesday at a press briefing, said deputy general director Valery Ermakov.

19 July 2011

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