Intelligence agencies sued for stealing code “Yandex”

Hackers penetrated a database of Russia’s largest Internet resource and stole proprietary code search engine.

- First of all it’s own staff uznnali “Yandex”, - told Life News source in the security services. - They knew that they were abducted by the search engine algorithms, that is, those codes, which are responsible for the automatic selection of data for user requests.

In other words, criminals now know exactly how “Yandex” indexing web sites and in what order to issue the search results on their pages.

19 July 2011

Yandex indexed SMS, sent via the form on the site Megaphone
“MegaFon” to blame for “uncovered” SMS to “Yandex”

• Leakage of user data to law enforcement agencies engaged in Internet »»»
Criminal liability for leakage of personal data in the search
• "Yandex" has detected a virus at the UN »»»
Major search engines Runet “Yandex” that started on Monday its own anti-virus, detected malware on the site of the United Nations (UN).
• Publisher, "Penguin Books" filed a lawsuit against "Yandex", demanding to remove from the search results links to illegally posted books »»»
Publisher, “Penguin Books” appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a lawsuit against the company “Yandex” according to “Vedomosti” in its issue of November 24.
• "Yandex" was released in Turkey: an office, run search »»»
The company “Yandex” has entered the Turkish Internet market by launching its new on it with a search engine portal yandex.
• Social network facebook opened a search for "Yandex" »»»
The company “Yandex” has signed an agreement with a social network facebook - now the data shown in this sotsseti.