Dontsova Ustinov and asked, “Yandex” to stop piracy

Darya Dontsova, Tatyana Ustinova, Marinina, Leonid Parfenov, Andrei Konchalovsky, and others appealed to the leadership of the company “Yandex” with a request to protect copyrights and to block access to the pirate sites.

“Unfortunately, at present the majority of Russian search engine to help users in bad faith in seeking resources, which are located the stolen objects of copyright. We are convinced that you do not build your business on this service,” - said in a letter received at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

As a role model as an example to lead the signers to Google. “We are confident that by combining the efforts of copyright holders and Internet services in the fight against pirated content, you can achieve real results and to prevent further spread of the network of piracy in Russia,” - noted writers.

Musician and part-time writer Andrei Makarevich RIA Novosti has confirmed that signed a petition, refusing to comment further.

Darya Dontsova, specializing in women’s detective, according to the latest Rospechat, heads the list of the most widely read authors in Russia. Thus, Dontsova released 144 editions in 2010, a total circulation of nearly 5.5 million copies. The list of the most widely read and were supported the letter Tatiana Ustinova, Marinina and Anna Litvinova.

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12 July 2011

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