Yandex will fight DPNI?

This morning, the Moscow subway cars were plastered with posters reading: “How to get to the Russian march? All questions to Yandex. All the answers to”, which look completely copied advertising search engine, located in the same cars. It is not clear whether the staff go “Yandex” in the subway, but the first news of the original variation on the theme “All the questions of” Yandex “distributed bloggers.

8 October 2006 | blogger, content, metro, officer, poster, question, reply, russian, subject, wagon

Yandex lost button
“Yandex” went for contextual advertiser in offline

• Yandex joined Bynet »»»
Yandex opens a portal for Belarus - Now users of Belarus has its Yandex, which will provide answers for them.
• At Yandex.Maps have subway maps »»»
From today on Yandex can find their way not only on city streets, but under the ground.
• "Yandex" summed up the boycott LJ »»»
According to the service of “Blog Search” for the period from 3 am until midnight on March 21, share the “Day without content” has supported about 15 percent of Russian users.
• Yandex conducted a study of Russian blogosphere Runet »»»
Medium-sized Russian bloggers, according to the study of “Yandex”, a 22-year-old Moskvichka.
• When Google Yandex ahead - meets Vladimir Dolgov, head of Google-Russia »»»
Google launched on Youtube Russian. And the whole company is located about twenty products.