Yandex glyuchit

Yesterday found the weather to Yandex is not correct, not in the sense of wrong синоптики, but in the sense of Yandex glyuchit in determining the city and show the weather, and as a result of Novosibirsk suddenly warmed.

1 March 2007 | city, definition, novosibirsk, preview, weather

Google bypassed “Yandex” for growth
Yandex opens office in the Urals

• Yandex slightly changed due to SERPAJ »»»
Yesterday there were further changes in Yandex, this time they touched the design of the search results.
• Bulk check of TIC »»»
At the present time to carry out mass proveku TIC is quite problematic.
• Yandex opened a service Yandeks.Vremya »»»
Yandex opened a service Yandeks.Vremya (, which shows users watch any places in the world and considers the difference in time between the cities.
• "Yandex" has made a map of the search links the cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg residents more interested in other cities, and Muscovites - Petersburg »»»
"Yandex" has made a map of the search links the cities of Russia.
• Meet: Yandeks.ICQ »»»
What can ICQ tastefully Yandex? Bright communication Video, animated emoticons, online games and much more - all this will make your communication and a variety of Neskuchnyi.