Yandeks.Novosti - with today’s extensive presentation of the events

Starting today Yandeks.Novosti service offers a new page news story (a compilation of messages on one occasion). Volumetric representation of the news reached the combination of the essential facts, figures and background information.
When you select the facts used by the message from various sources, which allows to show different points of view. This priority given informative, fast and exclusive news. The story is illustrated by photographs and maps (if not mentioned any geographic objects). Since the names of the principal actors the plot you can go to their press portraits. The new story was the continuing development of algorithms for clustering, annotating, and automatic extraction of facts used in Yandeks.Novostyah. The technology behind it, has been named “mnogodokumentnaya abstract.

11 April 2007 | announcement, day, event, fact, home, message, news, performance, plot, service

Yandex has launched a Russian-language blogosphere community rating!
In RuNet starting a union to “Yandex”

• Service Yandeks.Kartinki learned to look for portraits of people »»»
From today on the Yandex search portraits. Determine whether a particular image the human person, learned Yandeks.
• On "Yandex" appeared solo PhotoCard »»»
Community Service Yandeks.Fotki can now not only to publish their pictures on the Internet, but also show where the photos were taken.
• Nyuzhanteram: "Yandeks.Novosti" news groups by genre »»»
The most popular Russian-language news service Yandeks.Novosti has received a number of revisions.
• "Yandex" explained how the projects' Yandeks.Novosti "and" Blog Search " »»»
June 16 in Kiev company «Yandex» held a seminar at which members told reporters and bloggers on the basic principles of the service «Yandeks.
• Service Yandeks.Kartinki appris à chercher des portraits de personnes »»»
À partir d’aujourd’hui sur la recherche Yandex portraits. Déterminer si une image particulière de la personne humaine, a appris Yandeks.